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Food security is our business. Whether its crop production, live-stock or fishing, at the SLDB, we can provide all the funding you require for your farming enterprise. We have been tried and tested in agricultural financing and our results are excellent.

We go all the way from concept to market – local or export. Our experienced and qualified staff can provide sound business and technical advice.  With the advent of technology, new opportunities are available in all sectors.

Let the SLDB make your farming experience truly rewarding. Act now, as food security is a critical national priority.

SLDB Offers Financing For:


  • Land for crop and livestock enterprises
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Agricultural equipment (tillage, drainage, farm vehicles, water pumps, generators, etc)
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Farm infrastructure (roads, buildings, greenhouses etc.)
  • Marketing of agricultural produce and products for local and overseas markets.
  • Refrigeration equipment and delivery to extend shelf life.
  • Refrigerated delivery vehicles.
  • New technologies to increase productivity of crop and livestock enterprises.
  • Apiculture (bee keeping) projects
  • Horticulture (flowers / ornamental) project
  • Hydroponics
  • Meat production
  • Small ruminants production


  •  Purchase of pirouges (canoe boats)
  • Purchase of outboard engines
  • Purchase of fishing trawlers
  • Purchase of fishing gear and equipment
  • Building of fishing boats
  • Repair of boats and engines
  • Processing of fish (packaging, canning, salting etc)
  • Aquaculture (shrimps and fresh water fish) projects
  • Refrigeration equipment of storage
  • Refrigerated delivery vehicles
  • What You The Customer Will Need:
    • A proposal/idea of a project with commercial potential
    • Written proposal if project cost is over $100,000;
    • Information on marketing and market outlets;
    • Written permission from Ministry of Health for establishment of pig, goat, sheep, poultry and ruminants pens;
    • DCA approval for major farm structures; (Agriculture)
    • Technical report from Consultant/Engineer of Ministry of Agriculture for major irrigation projects
    • Technical report from Consultant/Engineer of Ministry of Agriculture for major soil preparation and drainage works;
    • Land Register indicating absolute title for land that will be used as security for the loan
    • Notarized Lease Agreement if land is being leased, for a period not less than the duration of the project;
    • Letter from employer indicating status of employment, length of employment and salary. If self-employed documentary evidence of monthly/yearly income
    • Mortgage information if land on which the security is being offered is mortgaged, indicating loan balance and other relevant details;
    • Tax Compliance Letter from Inland Revenue Department
    • National Insurance Corporation Compliance Letter
    • Two pieces of valid National ID
    • Copy of a utility bill as proof of address.
  • Fisheries Loan Applicants Will Also Need
    • Report from Department of Fisheries indicating status of Applicant
    • Documentary evidence of ownership of fishing craft;
    • Documentary evidence of ownership of outboard engine;
    • Membership card of Fisheries Cooperative;
    • Police Certificate of Character.
  • What SLDB Expects of You The Customer:
    • That the borrower implements the project efficiently;
    • That any building or equipment financed with the funds of the Bank, or pledged with the Bank as security be properly maintained and adequately insured;
    • That the funds of the Bank will be used exclusively to fulfill the purposes of the loan and to finance the purchasing of goods and services for the project;
    • That the fisher ensures that all necessary victuals including navigation and safety equipment are kept onboard the vessel during fishing expeditions; (applicable to Fishers only)
    • That proper certification of work-in progress shall be required before the Bank’s funds are released for the project;
    • That the Bank shall have full and free access to the project and shall have the right to inspect the site and all books and records associated with the project;
    • Pertinent information or data requested by the Bank shall not be withheld by the borrower(s);
    • Borrowers agree to fulfill all the conditions or requirements of the loan.
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