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Terms of Reference
Communications and Marketing Consultant
Saint Lucia Development Bank’s Climate Action Competition

1. Background
Saint Lucia is exposed to a range of natural hazards, particularly weather-related phenomena such as hurricanes, storm surges, and heavy rainfall events which lead to flooding and landslides. In addition, climate change is expected to generate more extreme storms and hurricanes, including more severe flooding, and cause a rise in sea level. These extreme natural events can cause considerable destruction to the island’s infrastructure and social and economic sectors as they typically devastate coastal and low-lying areas, which are the areas where the majority of the island’s population and main commercial activities are situated. Such disasters can impose exorbitant costs on the country’s fragile economy and thus exacerbate poverty levels.

To this end, the Government of Saint Lucia (GOSL) has obtained assistance from the World Bank towards the financing of the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP). The Project aims to measurably reduce the Country’s vulnerability to natural hazards and climate change impacts, and includes various activities related to institutional strengthening and training, enhancing data to inform adaptation planning, as well as the execution of various civil works to improve the resilience, preparedness, and response capacity of Saint Lucia to natural hazards.  The DVRP is being implemented by the Department of Economic Development, Transport and Civil Aviation through the Project Coordination Unit (PCU).

The Climate Adaptation Financing Facility (CAFF) falls under Component 3 of the DVRP. The CAFF is a pilot climate financing mechanism which provides affordable loans to eligible households, businesses and farmers for the purpose of financing investments and activities that protect assets and livelihoods and ultimately build resilience to climate-related impacts. Homeowners can access loans for a wide variety of applications, such as hurricane-resilient window and roof replacements or retrofits; installation of solar panels, solar water heaters or rainwater harvesting systems; implementation of slope stabilization measures and improvement of drainage around properties. The Saint Lucia Development Bank (SLDB) serves as the Executing Agency for the CAFF.

The SLDB is planning a secondary school-based Climate Action Competition as a creative means to raise island-wide household awareness about the CAFF in order to increase the percentage of households benefitting from the Facility and spread the benefits more evenly across the island. SLDB’s Climate Action Competition will require students to conduct a Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment and Carbon Footprint Assessment of their home or another approved home. Based on the findings, students will develop a costed proposal of suitable, feasible and affordable climate change adaptation and/or mitigation measures that can be implemented to reduce climate change impacts, the household’s carbon footprint or both. The winning students will receive a personal prize and the household associated with the proposal will receive a grant (of up to XCD $10,000) sponsored by the SLDB to implement the proposed measures.

The SLDB Climate Action Competition seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Raise student awareness of climate change impacts and appropriate adaptation and mitigation measures, including conversions to renewable energy and energy efficiency measures
  • Expose students to the practical steps involved in building climate resilience and reducing carbon footprints, including identifying, planning, funding and implementing adaptation and mitigation measures
  • Increase island wide household awareness of and interest in the CAFF
  • Increase CAFF benefits island-wide

To this end, the World Bank is seeking to engage an individual Communications and Marketing Consultant to support the SLDB in executing a Communications Plan and Campaign to effectively market and promote the Climate Action Competition for the duration of the competition.

2. Objective of the Consultancy
In consultation with the SLDB, the Communications and Marketing Consultant is expected to support the SLDB in implementation of the Communications Plan for the Climate Action Competition to ensure effective marketing and promotion of the Climate Action Competition to students, teachers and homeowners. The Consultant will also be responsible for development of competition branding; managing development of all multimedia products in keeping with the Communications Plan, including coordinating and overseeing graphic designers, videographers and/or photographers engaged by SLDB to produce products; distributing marketing products; liaising with schools and other Competition stakeholders; and developing and managing implementation of a social media campaign, including creating social media posts. Consultancy services will be financed by the World Bank and day-to-day contract activities will be managed by the SLDB and the World Bank.
3. Scope of Services
In line with the objective above, the scope of services for the consultancy will include the following:

Inception “kick off” Meeting

Within 3 days of contract signature, the Climate Action Competition Communications and Marketing Consultant shall participate in an Inception Meeting with representations from the SLDB, Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP) and Department of Education.

The meeting will be held to:
(i) review and discuss the process for conducting the assignment based on the terms of Contract;
(ii) detail roles and responsibilities of agencies or parties not stipulated in the Contract as well as review roles and responsibilities specified in the terms of Contract;
(iii) identify preliminary background information related to the assignment that may be required; and
(iv) provide additional information that may be required to allow the consultant to undertake the assignment. 


In collaboration with the SLDB, develop branding for the Competition that will be consistent across all relevant electronic and print materials – website, app, flyers, banners, videos etc.

Content Creation

In consultation with the SLDB, World Bank, Audio-Visual Producer for the Climate Action Competition and other relevant stakeholders, develop concepts, wording, scripts, lyrics, music, storyboards, treatments, layouts and other content to guide/inform production of the following marketing products:

  •  1 (one) 45-second jingle/radio advertisement to promote the Competition
  • 1 (one) 60-second video to promote the Competition for sharing on social media platforms and WhatsApp
  • 3 (three) 60-second videos capturing student experiences and outcomes to promote the Competition and the CAFF for sharing on social media platforms and WhatsApp
  • 1 (one) large-format banner for display at secondary schools 
  • 3 (three) versions of a 11×17” poster for distribution to all secondary schools
  • At least 30 posts and postcards of varying content reflecting the lifecycle of the Competition for social media and WhatsApp distribution
  •  Any other marketing product(s) that the Consultant identifies that would be suitable to effectively reach the target audience and market the Competition

The set of marketing products will be finalized following the Inception Meeting.

The content will be guided by the objectives of the Climate Action Competition and will seek to:

  •  Provide the various target audiences with essential information about the Competition and how to participate;
  • Excite and encourage schools, students and their households to participate in the Competition; 
  • Promote the SLDB as the home of the Climate Adaptation Financing Facility (CAFF)

In preparing the content, the Consultant will ensure that these can generate high appeal to all target audiences. The content must also translate to a clear message on climate change adaptation and disaster vulnerability reduction in a Saint Lucian context.

The Consultant will be required to submit to the SLDB for review and comment, the content for the products within the agreed timeframe and will make relevant revisions until it meets the approval of the SLDB.

Coordination and Management
Liaise with vendors to ensure timely and quality development of marketing products for the Competition, including collaborating with and managing the work of a Graphic Designer and Audio-Visual Producer to ensure content developed aligns with concepts, branding, and goals outlined in the Communications Plan and otherwise agreed

Liaise with focal points at all participating secondary schools to explore all avenues for promotion of the Competition and follow up on implementation of agreed strategies for in school competition promotion on a weekly basis

Content Dissemination
– Distribute marketing products to media houses and other avenues in accordance with the Communications Plan and follow up with media houses to ensure airing as scheduled;
– Distribute hard copy and electronic marketing products to schools

Event Planning
In collaboration with the SLDB, plan and execute events and activities designed to promote and facilitate the Competition, including the following:
 Competition Launch Event;
 Teacher’s Workshop;
 Competition Final Judging and Prize Giving Event;
 Opportunities at assemblies and other fora to promote the Competition at all participating secondary schools. The Consultant is to deliver pitches and share information about the Competition at the same;

The Consultant is to ensure that the appropriate branding, sponsor and donor recognition, and media coverage is in place for all activities and that events are photo and video recorded for documentation and future promotion purposes. 

Media Coverage
Ensure active media coverage of the Competition, including at least one major story or interview in popular media on a weekly basis from the launch to close of the Competition.

Quality Assurance
Ensure that materials produced are of a high quality and representative of the standards of the World Bank and SLDB. This includes ensuring that visibility guidelines are adhered to for any partners or sponsors of the Climate Action Competition.

Developing metrics and reports (e.g. social media shares or likes, student registration) to showcase the effectiveness of Communications Plan and Campaign to the World Bank, SLDB and donor/partner organizations.

Other services
Other communications or marketing activities to support the Climate Action Competition as agreed on with SLDB and / or the World Bank team.

4. Deliverables and Timeframe
The Consultant must provide to the SLDB, through the CAFF Coordinator, the deliverables included in the table below within the stated timeframes.

DeliverableDeadline for Delivery Content
Branding package 1 week after contract signing
  1. Logo
  2. Colour scheme
  3. Slogan/tag line 
Draft content for multimedia products1 week after contract signingConcepts, wording, scripts, storyboards, treatments, layouts and other content to guide/inform the set of products listed under Content Creation in the Scope of Works 
Multimedia products (after production in collaboration with Graphic Designer and Audio- Visual Producer)

2 weeks after contract signing

4, 5 and 12 weeks after contact signing

2 weeks after contract signing
2 weeks after contract signing

Weekly after contract signing

  – 45-second jingle/radio advertisement
– 60-second video

– 60-second videos capturing student experiences and outcomes

– large-format banner
– 11×17” posters
– posts and postcards for social media and WhatsApp distribution

EventsCompetition Launch Event – April 15, 2020
Teacher’s Workshop – April 17, 2020
Competition Final Judging and Prize Giving Event – June 30, 2020
Assemblies etc. – April 16 – April 30, 2020 
 Staging of the following events:
– Competition Launch Event;
– Teacher’s workshop
– Competition Final Judging and Prize Giving Event
– Assemblies and other fora at all participating secondary schools.
Weekly progress reportsWeeklyBrief summary of achievements, delays, challenges for the prior week and plans for the upcoming week(s)
Final reportJune 23, 2020 Summary of achievements, delays, challenges and success of the implementation of the Communications Plan and roll out of the Competition

5. Duration of Consultancy
The Climate Action Competition is scheduled to run from April 15 to June 30, 2020. The Communications and Marketing Consultancy will be for 40 working days, beginning on April 1, 2020 and ending on June 30 2020, the end of the World Bank’s fiscal year, with the possibility of additional days and/or contract renewal in July 2020  based on communications-related activities remaining under the Competition.

6. Working Arrangements and Logistics
The SLDB is responsible for supervising day-to-day contract activities and in so doing will:

  1. Ensure timely review of reports and other deliverables submitted by the Consultant and facilitate the provision of feedback within 3 business days of receipt.
  2. Initiate the consultation and cooperation of other agencies required to provide support to the Consultant for realization of the relevant aspects of the assignment.
  3. Provide access to relevant existing information in a timely manner.

The Consultant will:

  1. be based in Saint Lucia and report to Dianne Francois, SLDB CAFF Officer and to Kerri Cox, Sr. Communications Specialist, World Bank.
  2. Execute the tasks outlined in Section 3 above with due diligence and efficiency and in accordance with the highest standards of professional competence, ethics and integrity.
  3. Be responsible for the collection and analysis of all data and information required for the timely completion of the assignment.
  4. Submit reports and other deliverables within the stipulated timeframes stated in the Terms of Reference for review by the SLDB.  All reports/deliverables must be submitted in soft copy (Microsoft Word and PDF) and at least two (2) print copies of the Final Report provided.  Revisions must be made to all reports/deliverables and resubmitted within 3 business days of receipt of the Client’s comments.
  5. Submit all underlying source files used in the consultancy in agreed formats.
  6. Be responsible for the provision of software, equipment, materials and transportation required to undertake the consultancy.

Execute the services in accordance with the laws, customs and practices of Saint Lucia.

7. Qualifications and Criteria

  • An undergraduate level degree in Communications, Journalism, Environmental Studies or other relevant fields or at least 10 years of practical experience in communications, marketing, public relations, journalism, multi-media production or a related field is required.
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in communications, marketing, public relations, journalism, multi-media production, or a relevant program management role involving communications tasks is required.
  • Experience working in a communications role for an international organization/government agency/NGO is desirable.
  • Strong interest in and understanding of climate change adaptation, disaster management or environmental concerns is strongly desired.
  • Demonstrated successful experience in implementing communications plans and campaigns for targeted audiences is required.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing powerful, engaging multiplatform content for different audiences is required. Experience in writing/editing content on themes related to climate change, disaster management, financial services will be an added advantage.
  • Experience managing execution of a communications plan, including managing vendors such as designers, videographers, photographers etc. is required.
  • Experience in developing and/or executing donor reporting processes and program monitoring and evaluation requirements will be an added advantage.
  • Strong work ethic with a positive and proactive attitude is required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required.
  • Impeccable attention to detail is required.
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize is required.
  • Technical skills: MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Any experience in web content management systems and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and InDesign is desirable (but not required).

8. How to Apply
Interested candidates should submit a CV, Cover Letter, a writing sample (e.g. article, blog, press release, communications strategy) and multimedia sample written or produced by the candidate electronically to

Applications should be addressed to:
Mr. Vincent Boland
Managing Director, SLDB
#4 Bridge St
Castries St Lucia

9. Deadline
The deadline for applications is March 20, 2020.

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