Committed to the development of an effective, progressive organization, that is committed to sustainable socio-economic development and human empowerment, we at the Saint Lucia Development Bank individually and collectively believe that in all our behaviours and at all times we should be guided by the following precepts:

Building a positive team by affirming and empowering each other, sharing and cooperating with each other to maximize individual talents, output and contribution.

Encouraging learning and development and the highest sense of decorum and personal ethics.

Treating our team members, customers, and all other stakeholders with mutual respect, compassion and sensitivity.

Fostering trust, honesty, fairness, transparency and good corporate governance.

Being an advocate and defender for customers’ right to service and care that exceed their expectations.

Being open-minded and creative with an unswerving commitment to developing innovative products and services.

Being accountable for all our actions without passing the buck or blaming other people for our failures or inaction’s.

Showing pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do towards the achievement of set goals and objectives.

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