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SLDB regards education as the ultimate investment in national development. We also believe that higher education is the cornerstone of self-reliance and personal autonomy. We believe that a knowledgeable and informed workforce has a multiplier effect that results in creativity, innovation and excellence.

SLDB offers financing for:

  • Studies in approved course areas on
    Government’s priority list.
  • Books and equipment relevant to the approved course of study
  • Tuition fees at both local and overseas
    accredited educational institutions
  • Travelling expenses, boarding and lodging costs during your studies
  • What you will need
    • Letter of acceptance from an Accredited educational institution, accompanied with copies of your latest transcripts and certificates
    • Letter from the school indicating the length of the programme, fees, books and boarding and lodging costs
    • Letter from Inland Revenue Department indicating income taxes are being paid and are up-to-date
    • Letter from National Insurance Corporation indicating that NIC contributions are being made and are up-to-date
    • Letter from employer indicating status of employment, length of employment and salary. If self employed documentary evidence of monthly/yearly income
    • Life insurance coverage
    • Suitable forms of security, which may include one or a combination of the following:
      • Guarantors for which you need to provide the name(s)
      • Cash collateral
      • Mortgage for which you need to provide a copy of the Land Register for the property being offered as security. If the property is already mortgaged, you would need to provide information indicating the loan balance and other relevant details
    • Evidence of study leave with or without pay where applicable
    • Evidence of income of parents/guardian/sponsor where required to pay interest during the grace period and/or other sources of financial support during the    study period
    • National ID card
  • What you will need
    •  Funding be applied only for programmes on the Government priority list or where approval has been granted by the relevant Ministry
    •  Any building pledged as security be properly maintained and adequately insured
    •  Bank funds will be used STRICTLY to fulfill the purposes of the loan
    •  Borrower withholds no available information or data requested by the Bank
    •  The Student will furnish the Bank with progress reports at the end of each semester
    •  The cost of re-sit will be borne by the student
    •  If the student’s performance is unsatisfactory after three consecutive semesters the Bank will withhold further disbursements
    •  Borrowers agree to fulfill all of the conditions or requirements of the loan
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