Pursuant to the SLDB Act, the Bank is governed by a Board of Directors that has responsibility for the policy and general administration of the Bank. For the time being, the Government of Saint Lucia (GOSL) is the sole shareholder and is therefore responsible for the appointment of the full complement of the Board subject to representation as follows:

Current Board of Directors
  • Chairman
    Mr. Nicholas Barnard
  • Deputy Chairman
    Mr. Anderson Lake
  • Managing Director
    Mr. Vincent Boland
  • Mr. Fabian Jagroop
  • Ms. Jerma Lafeuille
  • Mr. Bartholomew Donovan
  • Mr. Gerald Burt
  • Mr. Johann Harewood
  • Mr. Colin Hunte
  • Mr. Mathew Mathurin
  • Mr. Philbert Francis
    Corporate Secretary
  • SLDB Management Team

    Managing Director – Mr. Vincent Boland

    Deputy Managing Director / Manager – Risk Department: Mrs. Dorn Lafeuillee-Simon

    Manager – Service Delivery: Mrs. Catherine Charles

    Manager – Business Development: Mr. Philbert Francis

    Chief Financial Officer – Mr. Neromus Monrose

    Chief Technology Officer – Mr. Anthony Harrow

  • SLDB Organizational Structure