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Are you looking to advance your professional growth?

Our Professional Development Facility (PDF) may be just what you need to enhance your career prospects and give you that edge for upward mobility in the workplace. Our PDF enables you to take advantage of professional training online, while still on the job and earning a salary.

It encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, ranging from distant learning to formal training. Isn’t it good to know that there is easily accessible finance at SLDB which enables you to attain that professional qualification?

Don’t delay! Let us help you set that path to your career milestone.

About Our Professional Development Loans

  • Varied courses of study
  • Loan must be fully secured. Suitable forms of security, may include one or a combination of the following:
    • Guarantors
    • Cash collateral
    • Mortgage for which you need to provide a copy of the Land Register for the property being offered as security. If the property is already mortgaged, you would need to provide information indicating the loan balance and other relevant information
  • Repayment to commence one month after first disbursement.
  • Maximum repayment period is 15 years (180 months)
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Maximum loan is $150, 000.00
  • Life insurance assigned to the Bank is compulsory
  • Loan repayment to be facilitated via salary deduction or any other suitable arrangements approved by the Bank
  • What You The Customer Will Need:
    • Letter of acceptance from an accredited educational institution, accompanied by copies of your latest transcripts and certificates;
    • Letter from the institution indicating the length of the course, fees, books and other costs;
    • Compliance letter from Inland Revenue Department;
    • Compliance Letter from National Insurance Corporation;
    • Letter from employer indicating status of employment, length of employment and salary;
    • If self-employed documentary evidence of monthly/yearly income;
    • Evidence of study leave with or without pay whichever is applicable;
    • Two pieces of valid National ID.
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