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Information technology has made the world our backyard. Join the action and take advantage of the many opportunities which are available. Whether it is Tourism, Services or Industry, obtaining that competitive edge can simply mean new equipment just when it is needed, more plant space, web visibility, improved product quality or marketing that gives you reach into the export market. We know that as competition grows, your priority is to acquire what will give you the edge – well trained staff, certification or cutting-edge ICT to enable you to better manage your business relationships. The SLDB knows where you’re heading and we want to help get you there.

SLDB Financing Includes:

Tourism Renovation/refurbishment

  •  Extensions
  •  Converting homes to Bed & Breakfast
  •  Operation of water taxis
  •  Purchase/operation of land-based taxi
  • Village Tourism
  • Hotel Equipment and Furnishings
  • Tourism Support Services
  • Web-site Designing


  •  Construction for industrial enterprises
  •  Renovation of industrial buildings
  •  Equipment purchase
  •  Plant upgrade for HACCP Certification
  •  Assembly parts operations
  •  Manufacturing for energy conservation
  • Delivery vehicles


  • Computer repairs and maintenance
  • Auto mechanics
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Catering
  • Electrical Installation
  • Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy
  • Printing
  • General services
  • What the Bank would need from you may include:
    • Building plans approved by the Development Control Authority if construction will be required;
    • Copy of Land Register on which the building will be constructed;
    • Copy of Deed of sale for land to be built on or to be purchased if applicable, or notarized copy of Lease Agreement for a duration not less than the term of the loan;
    • Quotation from Contractors/Consultants/Engineers and other suppliers where applicable;
    • Incorporation documents (in case of a company) including Certificate of Good Standing;
    • Corporate Information including a list of current Directors and management staff and their contact information;
    • Business plan or proposal including, marketing strategy and operational plan;
    • Financial Statements (preferably audited statements) from a certified or reputable firm or Accountant
    • Financial projections for three (3) years;
    • Statement of Net Worth;
    • Mortgage information if land on which a building is to be erected is already mortgaged, indicating loan balance and other relevant details;
    • Tax Clearance letter from Inland Revenue Department.
    • National Insurance Corporation Compliance Letter;
    • Description of security to be offered;
    • Fiscal Incentives – copy of letter regarding any fiscal incentives given by the relevant authority;
    • Property/equipment valuations;
    • Regulatory approvals where necessary.
  • SLDB will require that:
    • The borrower implements the project efficiently;
    • The borrower has the ability to afford the monthly payment on a timely basis;
    • Any building or equipment financed with the funds of the Bank or pledged as security are free and clear of encumbrance and is properly maintained and adequately insured against perils;
    • The funds of the Bank must be used exclusively to fulfill the purposes of the loan;
    • Proper certification of work-in progress shall be required before further disbursements are made by the Bank;
    • Alterations to the previously approved plans must be in consultation with the Bank and approved by the DCA;
    • The Bank shall have full and free access to the project and shall have the right to inspect the site and all books and records associated with the project;
    • Pertinent information or data requested by the Bank shall not be withheld by the borrower (s);
    • Borrowers agrees to fulfill the conditions or requirements of the loan.
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